Friday, November 26, 2004

Drudge Watch

If you head over to Drudge right now you will see the following headline: REPORT: BUSH AVERTED COLOMBIA TERROR THREAT...

It links to this story.

If you read the story you will see that there has been some confusion. Apparently Drudge believes that "avert" and "avoid" are synonyms. I thought I would read about our manly president single-handedly taking down a terror cell or something like that.

Much to my disappointment, the story is actually about how the terrorists merely decided not to attack the president. No Texas heroics, no Delta Force precision strike. The story concludes with the following bellicose statement: "U.S. security officials breathed a sigh of relief that the visit to Colombia took place without any attack or other incident."

Now, I tend to think criticism of Drudge is a bit over-done. It is a great place to get breaking news and he links to interesting stuff. But this is a copy-editing debacle that begs a question that's been asked many times ...

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Polluting the blogosphere

Coming soon ...
  • Wow, Bush won the election, fancy that
  • Red States/Blue States, what's the deal?
  • Boy, Rush Limbaugh can be an idiot, huh?
  • The Simpsons seems a lot better this season
  • Doesn't anybody edit Michael Azzerrad?
  • Celebrities seem to think we care about their political views
  • What do Michael Moore and Ann Coulter have in common, besides the fact that I hate them?
  • Apparently NBA stars aren't well-behaved gentlemen
  • Why we should listen to a bunch of dead writers
  • I like words, so I'm going to invent one!!
  • I like books, too
... so hold on to your pants and stay tuned!
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