Sunday, January 02, 2005

Credit Where Credit's Due

Finally the Bush administration is getting serious about tsunami relief. On 12/31, they increased their pledge tenfold, bringing the amount of US aid to $350 million, up from a paltry original offer of $35 million. After a dismal initial response (Bush didn't even announce the insulting figure of $35M until three days had passed since much of Southeast Asia was wiped off the map), the administration deserves credit for getting it right. One hopes that they actually listened to their critics, but this would be so out of character as to be unimaginable. Bottom line: it doesn't matter. Cheers for making the right move.

Of course, Bush was not the only world leader to act as if the disaster was no big deal. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan remained on his skiing vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for three days following the disaster before realizing that it might look a little insensitive to the rest of the world and scampered back to Manhattan. (What is it with three-day delays? It's not like the enormity of the disaster wasn't clear after just one day).

Much of the right-wing blogosphere bent over backwards to hypocritically take Kofi to task while continuing to support Bush, who was guilty of the same thing. See here, and here.

Cheers to one right-wing blog (scroll down to the January 2nd entry) that actually defended Annan because they had defended Bush earlier. I think they are 100% wrong, but it's nice to see that intellectual integrity means something to someone out there (I'm looking in your direction, Freepers).
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