Monday, February 07, 2005

Go North, Young Liberal

This morning, Drudge is linking to a particularly depressing story from the International Herald Tribune about a surge in the number of Americans who are immigrating to Canada in response to the reelection of George Bush.

I say "depressing" because it exemplifies (in the extreme) the utter lack of imagination on the American left. They perceive a political crisis and instead of staying and fighting for the values they believe in—instead of standing up for the America that they so often, defensively, claim to love—they turn their backs and opt out in favor of the frozen utopia to the north. I hope they like hockey.

According to the article, the number of Americans seeking Canadian citizenship has tripled, which would up the annual migration from 6,000 people to around 18,000. Not so many, really. But it's the thought that counts. The article says "the Canadian government's immigration Web site reported a surge in inquiries from the United States, to about 115,000 a day from 20,000."

Who are these people? The sad fact is that those profiled in the IHT piece are straight out of liberal-stereotype central casting. There's a blue-blooded former magazine editor, a university professor and an assistant director of a not-for-profit organization who is putting her Volvo up for sale to finance the more. Really!

My first thought is: No big loss. Good riddance! As I think about it more, however, I feel my anger rising. These people are leaving because they don't want to pay taxes into, or otherwise participate in, a system that they cannot abide. Oh, poor you! As if this were the first time in American history that tax dollars were earmarked for unpleasant things.

What happened to the Democratic ideal of change through grassroots activism? I wonder if these rich solipsists will give a thought to the left's proud tradition of solidarity with the poor and less fortunate as they skip across the border to go on with their safe, comfortable lives unburdened by the responsibilities of citizenship to which they were born.
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