Friday, February 18, 2005

Man-Sized Dwarf: The Cover-Up

I guess it's a sign of our times that my original post on how Kevin Weisman (of Alias, Celebrity Poker and I Love the 90s demi-fame) is a man-sized dwarf is by far the most popular post on my little blog. When the world's problems get big, we turn to the (ahem) little details for comfort.

Now, if the volume of Google searches on "Kevin Weisman" +dwarf can be any indication, I'm not alone in my suspicions. We want to know the truth, and I sense a cover-up. If you look at Jennifer Garner's IMDB entry, you will see that she stands tall at 5'9". Now click on over to Kevin Weisman's entry and you will see that he's a respectable 5'8".

But, if you take a look at an Alias cast photo, it becomes clear that either Jennifer Garner is a giant, or Mr. Weisman is not quite the man he's cracked up to be. It seems odd that a man whose height matches the national average for men would be dwarfed (if you will) by the entire cast of Alias, including the women.

Of course, maybe his height is one of those open Hollywood lies, like the fact that Tara Reid has been 26 for the past three years, or that Tom Cruise is straight.

Still, why the lies? Man-sized dwarves of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but three or four inches. You have a (small) world to gain.
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