Thursday, July 14, 2005

Report: Abuse at Gitmo 'Humane'

The findings of the "Schmidt Report" on detainee abuses at Guantanamo were released at a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting yesterday.

The report recommends only minor punishments for soldiers and officers involved, but paints a stark picture of the way Terror War detainees are being handled in our military prisons. Most telling is the revelation that abuses such as sexual humiliation and intimidation with dogs—treatment labeled by the report as "humane"—were not the "frat-boy antics" of a few loose cannons, but were in line with official military policy.

Given the political climate in Washington and the country at large, look for this report to change few minds.

For a complete rundown and analysis, look at the July 14 entries over at Andrew Sullivan's blog. He's a pro-war conservative, but with a level head and a conscience, proving that these designations are only usually mutually exclusive.
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