Monday, July 25, 2005

The Worst Job in New York City

In the wake of the London terror attacks, officials in New York City are stepping up their own efforts to safeguard the city's subway system. Part of the plan involves random bag searches at MTA stations. The other part is a call for vigilence from NYC's straphangers. Here is a list, taken from the Metro newspaper that is handed out at stations, of "suspicious" behaviors subway riders should be on the lookout for:

Anyone who has ever ridden the New York City subway will know that at least half of the riders at any given time meet these descriptions. At rush hour, that number goes up to about 75%.

If New Yorkers actually call the police every time they see someone on the subway acting "suspiciously," the worst job in New York will officially change from Assistant Crack Whore to 911 Operator.

Kudos to Melon Colonie for recognizing the absurdity of this, too.
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