Monday, September 26, 2005

Blame-Gaming the Blame Game

It took a bit longer than one might have expected, but the reflexive apologists for the Bush administration are starting to hit hard at the "exaggerations" of the commie-nazi mainstream press in their coverage of the chaos that followed Hurricane Katrina. It seems that all the Sturm und Drang was nothing more than an elaborate attempt by the liberal, elitist media establishment to discredit the president and his blameless retinue of saint-bureaucrats.

Rumblings can be felt among the friendly folks over at FreeRepublic, and my man Rush is, as ever, on the case.

The gentlemen at PowerLine go so far as to recommend a Congressional investigation into the media's malfeasance (talk about fiscal conservatism and putting the taxpayers' money to good use).
It's time for some accountability here. The conventional wisdom is that no one performed particularly well in the aftermath of Katrina—not local, state or federal authorities, and not considerable numbers of private citizens. But it now appears clear that the worst performance of all was turned in by the mainstream media. Congress should promptly investigate...
What these defenders of American freedom forget, is that inaccuracies are an inevitable part of covering a mega-disaster in real time. The cause is not bias, but garden-variety confusion that naturally abounds in the thick of chaos. Perhaps these accusers remember the initial coverage of another American disaster in September, not so very many years ago:

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