Saturday, September 03, 2005

Rush Blames Katrina Victims for Plight

On September 1, Rush Limbaugh went on a sickening diatribe against the victims of Katrina, blaming them for their own dire situation. According to Rush, it's not race but ideology that explains what we're watching in stunned silence on our TV screens.

Ever the 'contradictarian', Rush begins his monologue on how this is not racism by making a distinction that is purely race-based:
The non-black population was just as devastated, but apparently they were able to get out, and the black population wasn't able to get out. Maybe New Orleans has a half decent mass transit people and some of these people don't need cars.
After that grotesque attempt at a joke, Rush raises the possibility that perhaps many in the black population didn't have cars in which to flee for economic reasons.
Well, why is that? Why can't they afford them? What is it about New Orleans that doesn't pay? It's a 67% black population. They have lots of black-run businesses. Why is this they don't pay well down there?
Gee, Rush, I guess those black business owners are just glorified slave-drivers. Is that what you're getting at?

What Rush is actually getting at is easy to discern, because it's what he's always getting at. He suffers from a particular failure of the political imagination that makes it impossible for him to assimilate any new information. All he can do is regurgitate the same hackneyed theories that he's rehearsed so many times before.

His condition springs from the same source as the mentality that holds that two diametrically opposed situations—a huge budget surplus and a huge budget deficit, for example—require the same course of action: massive tax cuts for the rich. It's also the mentality that allows government officials to slap each other on the back for the great job they're doing in the relief effort at the same time that people are perishing in the streets of New Orleans due to the indifference and negligence of those same officials.

Anyone who listens to Rush for even five minutes knows that his golden rule is this: liberals can and should be blamed for every bad thing that ever happens in the world. So it is with New Orleans. Who's to blame for the suffering in the Big Easy? Why, it's the victims themselves, and it's all because they're a bunch of filthy commies.
Socialism to one degree or another has failed everywhere it's been tried. New Orleans has been run by liberal Democrat governments, people, for as long as I can remember, and there's an entitlement mentality there. You are never going to have a thriving city relying on handouts, or on welfare payments, whatever you want to call them. It's just not going to happen.
So, according to our latter-day McCarthy, socialism has taught the people of New Orleans to expect a hand-up from the government and that's why the deserve to die like dogs in the street now. Well, Rush, your happy day has come. It looks like none of these people will ever expect assistance from the government again. Good for them. Good for America, right?

Throughout his rant, Rush sticks to his contention that what were seeing is not racism in action but a failed liberal ideology. By noticing the race of those affected, Rush opines, we're not seeing human suffering, we're seeing black suffering. Ah, yes. It is the media elites and the liberals who are the real racists. Rush is color-blind. He only sees human beings.

Of course Limbaugh ends up getting hoisted by his own re-tard, if you will. If the problem with New Orleans is really one of ideology and not class and race, how does he explain the fact that—as he himself mentioned—many of the white residents managed to flee while many of the black residents stayed behind? If New Orleans' woes are caused by the culture of the city, are the white residents somehow immune to the taint of that culture? Are they not a part of the city? Or is there something else going on?

By jumping through this many hoops just to "prove" that racism is not a factor, Rush proves just how race-conscious he really is. The fact that this man is the most popular talk radio host in America chills me to the bone.
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