Monday, October 03, 2005

DeLay's Doo-Doo Deepens

The day after Tom DeLay was indicted on his initial conspiracy charge, I was listening to Rush on the radio (I know, tsk-tsk) and the jolly pundit was positively ebullient. "This is all they got?" he crowed. "One lousy charge?" Rush, always one to blow sunshine up the collective conservative ass, saw this as proof of the Democrats' desperation, impotence and increasing irrelevancy.

Eager to spin contextualize the indictment, Rush quickly added, "This is not money laundering, folks!"

Well, this is.

DeLay has been indicted on two more charges: money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering (something that Rush knows a thing or two about, himself). What's next for for the man ensconced behind the golden E.I.B. mic? "This isn't bestiality or vehicular manslaughter, folks! Three measly charges?"

For once I'd have to agree with El Rushmo. DeLay is a much bigger bastard than this. Perhaps these three charges only represent the tip of the iceberg as The Hammer is Rostenkowskied out of office and into the federal lockup.

A boy can dream.
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