Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fox in Dubya's Hen House

According to an exclusive ABC News report, Leandro Aragoncillo, who was apparently spying for the Philippines, "worked undetected at the White House for almost three years" (emphasis added). Both the FBI and the CIA—not to mention former White House counter-terrorism expert Richard Clark—say it's the first case of a spy penetrating the inner sanctum of the president that they know about.

The operative phrase here is, "that they know about." The problem with that explanation is that the only spies we tend to "know about" are the unsuccessful ones. Who knows what successful spies there have been—or are now—in the White House. For example, I have it on deep, deep double-secret background from a trusted source who I'll call "Scooter" (or should that be "Libby"?—wait...oh, crap!) that Karl Rove is working for the Death Eaters. Or was that Focus on the Family? I can never keep them straight.

One official summed up his feelings thuswise: "Of course, it is a source of embarrassment when you find out that this kind of activity has been carried out literally right under your nose." True, but the "embarrassment" angle tends to understate matters a smidge by downplaying the "horrendous danger to national security" angle.

But, to anyone paying even a modest amount of attention to the state of the American intelligence community, this should come as no surprise whatsoever. Once again, the clowns in Washington who are "protecting" the nation—and remember, this cuts across party lines because Aragoncillo worked for both Gore and Cheney—have fallen dreadfully short of the task, incapable of protecting even the Oval Office. (Granted, it is oval, so you can't exactly station sentries in the corners, but still....)

So, if the government wants to find Osama bin Laden, why don't they have a look in the West Wing basement? After all, Oliver North was able to run an arms smuggling ring and a secret war from down there for years without anyone noticing. Of course, he's the only person who's ever done that—that we know about.
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