Thursday, October 13, 2005

No Hugging, No Learning

You know we live in a screwed-up world when Curb Your Enthusiasm plots are coming to life. Turns out that New York City's glitterati and literati were alerted in advance about the impending terror attacks on the subway system (as if any of them would be caught dead—or alive—on the subway) while the metropolis' unwashed proles were left in the dark until the NYPD went public.

I guess it makes sense. After all, the great mass of New Yorkers could do little more than duck and cover, while the martini and nail-biting set needs the advanced warning in order to get the custom-made terror suits onto their bichon frises.

Good thing it was just a hoax. Otherwise, regular New Yorkers might be a little pissed off (more than usual, that is).
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