Sunday, October 16, 2005

Panic in Toledo

I don't know which is more embarrassing: the disgusting neo-Nazi march against "black crime" yesterday in Toledo, Ohio, or the orgy of violence, looting and burning perpetrated by local gang members that went a long way toward proving the white supremacists' point.

Toledo Mayor Jack Ford, speaking of the National Socialist Movement members who had planned Saturday's march, noted that the violence was "exactly what they wanted."

While I don't condone it, throwing rocks at the police is one thing because the cops possess the means to protect themselves. Assaulting an ambulance with rocks is another matter altogether and it points to the utter pointlessness of the gang violence. They weren't "protesters," they were just thugs who, in Mayor Ford's words, were "taking advantage" of the situation.

One hopes the city of Toledo will send a clear message that it can do equally well without neo-Nazi provocateurs and nihilistic street gangs. Both groups, when it all comes down to it, represent the same things: the love of violence and the fetishization of power. To hell with the lot of them.
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