Saturday, December 31, 2005

One Last Act of Self-Promotion, 2005

Whether you're a loyal reader or an inadvertent visitor who took a wrong turn somewhere on Google (just because the word "boobs" appears in my blog, it doesn't mean there are pictures of any—unless Karl Rove counts), you're probably wondering what the single most-read post on (parenthetical remarks) was in the year of our lord, 2005. You really do want to know this, right? Fine. So you don't care. I'm going to tell you anyway. It was this gem. Thanks Brit & Kev!

Yes, thanks to a timely mention on Gawker, thousands of people were able to see the culmination of a spark of recognition followed by hours of surfing through Google to pirate the appropriate images. Looking back, it seems like a much more innocent time, before the "reality" show, before the marriage, before *shudder* the world was blessed with one more Federline.

So go ahead, have a look. For old-time's sake. And a Happy New Year to all of you, even the Federlines!
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