Thursday, December 22, 2005

The PTC's War on Anti-Christmas

Everybody's favorite "non-partisan" media watchdog is at it again, scratching at the back door of reason and begging to be let out.

The Parents Television Council, a scrofulous pack of apoplectic joy killers, is currently bleating hysterically about the television industry's attack on religion. In fact, "PTC Condemns Television Industry Attacks on Religion" is the title of their latest foul missive. By "religion" they mean "Christianity," but I bet you already guessed that.

It looks like the PTC is convinced there's a war on Christmas and TV is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. "TV" doesn't include FOX News, but I bet you already guessed that, too.
During this holy time of year, Hollywood has once again proven how out of step they are with mainstream America by launching an all-out attack on not just religion, but some of the most fundamental tenets of the Christian faith.
That is the obnoxious whinging of L. Brent Bozell III, the alpha male of the PTC. What's so horrible, you ask? First of all, there's South Park, a program that can normally be counted on to propagate solid Christian values. Certainly that's what viewers of a cartoon created with construction paper by the geniuses behind Baseketball expect when they tune in.

The next target of the PTC's derision is Dennis Leary, who had the gall to question the literal veracity of the virgin birth. On television! He truly is a heretic, just like the Unitarians and a bunch of other Protestant denominations. How dare television challenge the inerrant Word of God? I think there are some indulgences for sale on the PTC website, by the way.

Finally, they go after Boston Legal for, amongst other things, portraying a priest who is "concealing the whereabouts of a pedophile." Heaven forfend! Who could possibly imagine a priest doing a despicable thing like that? Priests don't protect pedophiles, especially not, oh, I don't know, the pope and most of the Catholic hierarchy.

This isn't about prudishness or censorship, though. It's about giving "cable choice" to consumers. "Cable choice" doesn't include the remote control, but I bet you already guessed that. Repeat after me, "It's a wonderful life, it's a wonderful life, it's a wonderful life..."
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