Monday, January 30, 2006

David Palmer for President

If you've never read the musings of ESPN's Bill Simmons on subjects ranging from the NBA to the relative merits of Beverly Hills 90210 and The O.C., do yourself a favor. I can say without qualification that he is the finest trashy-TV-obsessed sports columnist in the universe.

This letter about 24 landed in Bill's mailbag a few weeks ago:
I think I was actually more upset over the assassination of former President David Palmer on "24"...than I would have been if our actual president would have been assassinated. It was like I lost a member of my own family. Maybe I'm just screwed up, but I don't think so. Here is my question: If you forced every registered voter in America to watch seasons 1-4 on DVD, and convinced Dennis Haysbert to legally change his name to David Palmer, don't you think he would win in a landslide in 2008? I have bounced this question off several people and Palmer has every vote so far, and most would have voted for him over Bush and Kerry. — Ryan Desmond, Miami
I think you're on to something, Ryan. The thought of a Condi-Hillary faceoff gives a lot of people the chills. Maybe it's time to take action. Maybe it's time for A Real President—In Real Time.

The future of America is in our hands. It's your duty to sign this petition to draft Dennis Haysbert to run for president in 2008—as David Palmer. He wouldn't be the first actor in the White House and he certainly wouldn't be the first person just playing a role.

As Jack Bauer would say: Sign the petition. SIGN THE PETITION!!
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