Friday, January 27, 2006

The Gall of Galloway

There are those of you (ahem) who feel that it was unfair of me to lampoon Gorgeous George Galloway, scourge of the British Parliament, for his (quite ostentatiously public) personal life rather than for the quality of his political charms.

Well, I only had to wait about a day for a fresh story about the other disreputable side of his personhood to drop straight from heaven (or parts south). It seems that George has no problem making the effortless leap from Big Brother to blood brother in a fashion that is utterly in keeping with his political career. Wednesday, British tabloid The Sun released a video that appears to show Galloway paling around with Saddam Hussein's son, Uday, and referring to the blood-thirsty Baathist scion as "Excellency" in 1999. (As to how a newspaper released a video, I don't know.)

No pictures have been published on the web yet, but they're sure to fit naturally in with the rest of his fawning-over-bloody-dictators photo gallery once they are. MP G. is, after all, a frightening piece of work. He is proud to be a close, personal friend of Saddam flunky Tariq Aziz, whom he referred to as "an eminent diplomatic and intellectual person." He is a one-time opponent of Saddam Hussein (when it meant opposing the US, natch) but has since warmed to the killer's charms. In a speech, Galloway lionized Saddam, saying "Sir: I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability." That was in 1994. Several smiley photos of George and Saddam together can be found on the web (one of the few things Galloway has in common with nemesis Donald Rumsfeld).

An unreconstructed Stalinist, Galloway has long had a soft spot for brutal dictators—as long as they oppose the West (what he hates in Bush/Blair, he loves in others). He has been quoted as saying "the disappearance of the Soviet Union is the biggest catastrophe of my life." That was in 2002, by the way.

Just a few months ago, Galloway traveled to Damascus to lick the boots of the brutal, Baathist leaders in Syria.
All dignified people in the world, whether Arabs or Muslims or others with dignity, are very proud of the speech made by president Bashar al-Assad a few days ago here in Damascus. For me he is the last Arab ruler, and Syria is the last Arab country. It is the fortress of the remaining dignity of the Arabs, and that's why I'm proud to be here.
No matter that a UN investigation puts the responsibility for former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's assassination-by-car-bomb squarely at Assad's feet. These kinds of things just don't compute with Galloway.

It turns out he doesn't have to put on a red leotard and do the robot to make a fool of himself after all.
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