Monday, January 23, 2006

Galloway Does the Robot

Another high water mark for George Galloway, British member of Parliament and interpretive dancer.

Last week, the outspoken anti-war critic appeared on the UK version of Big Brother and pretended to be a cat lapping milk out of Rula Lensk's hands. This time, Galloway did an interpretive dance in a red leotard with Pete Burns, "the transvestite lead singer of 1980s band Dead or Alive."

Here was their task, set out by the Big Brother housemates:
The pair were amusingly instructed to express "the emotions of bewilderment when a small puppy won't come to you" through the medium of robotic dance.
And they say American TV is bad. Over in Britain, it looks like they're blurring the line between Big Brother and Fear Factor, prompting the question: just how real do we want reality to be? I always thought "political theater" meant something else.

Either Galloway's gone completely crazy (he was 9/10ths of the way there before Big Brother) or the Bush/Blair cabal has some pretty radical mind-altering agents reserved for people who make it onto their enemies list. That might explain Cindy Sheehan, after all.
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