Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Kim Jong Gone?

According to the Associated Press, the whereabouts of North Korea's Dear Leader Kim Jong Il are currently unknown. He could be in Russia, but speculation is more centered around a possible visit to China. The only sure thing is he isn't hanging out with Trey Parker or Matt Stone.

Where's Kim?

All of this makes me a little bit queasy. I lived in New York City long enough to know that when the rats start scurrying out of the sewer, you don't want to stick around and see what happens next. We should all be on edge when the leaders of power-mad, paranoid rogue states that possess nuclear weapons start disappearing into secure, undisclosed locations. But enough about Dick Cheney (ba-dum-cha!).

In all likelihood there's nothing nefarious about Kim's jaunt abroad. You can get plenty of weapons-grade plutonium and all the other fissile goodies you want in Pyongyang, but you just can't get decent Chinese take-out.
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