Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Punch-Drunk Punditry

Updated 1/25

Christopher Hitchens is back in the news (see below), which tends to get people a little pissed off.

Remembering, as I'm sure many of you do, the "Sidney Blumenthal Event" and the irrational ire it provoked, I thought it might be fun to keep track of the ad hominem, alcoholism-related digs aimed at Hitch in the coming days. My assumption going in was that they would come from the right, but so far, it's people on the left who are slinging the mud. I guess some people draw the Bush-bashing line when it comes to embracing their erudite ex-friend.

I'll keep this post updated and if any of you out there have a good example to send me, the email link is on the right. Without further ado:
  • has this to say about Hitchens "apparent recruitment" to their side: "...maybe that's just what comes of constantly soaking the brain in alcohol."

  • According to Have Skunk, Hitchens "...has yet to emerge from his alcohol-fueled delusions...." Again from the left. Hmmm.

  • Once more from the left with feeling: I am not impressed with Hitchens' joining in. Over the past five years or so he's either been drunk or totally unpredictable. I think that's a warning sign for the liver.

  • For good measure, something from the comments section of Atrios. One fine example: "Amusing enough that Christopher ("I say, can one's blood alcohol level really = 0.6?") Hitchens is one of the plaintiffs..."

  • Crimeny, some of us leftys are so touchy! From I can't believe it's not a democracy: "I read somewhere that Christopher Hitchens, that alcohol addled asshole, actually is a plaintiff in one of the suits. Go figure."

  • Here's a good one from Daily Kos, who describes Hitchens as a "crusty limey drunk and relentless Iraq cheerleader Christopher Hitchens." God bless the marketplace of ideas.

  • Finally, one from the right. Here's Jay Reding's flippant take: "If New York was in ruins, would it be right to say 'well, 10 million people got vaporized, but at least Christopher Hitchens could share martini recipes with someone in Kabul without the NSA listening in'? Most people would say no." Charming.
I suppose there's irony in the fact that Hitchens on his worst day is miles better than any of us on our best.

Stay tuned, there's much more to come...
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