Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Revenge of Little Bird

Spectators at a Mexico City bullfight got more than they paid for, but perhaps slightly less than they deserved yesterday. Pajarito, a half-ton bull whose name, inexplicably, means "Little Bird," threw out the script (perhaps he got a peek at the final scene?) and took a detour into the stands where he gored several people and sent two to the hospital.

I suppose that's a little bit of karmic retribution for people who would pay good pesos to see an animal toyed with and then butchered for their amusement. Bloodsports have a tendency to get, well, bloody.

Sadly for Pajarito, he was put to the sword right there in the stands by one of the bullfighters, but not before he got in a few licks of his own. Some may say he got a chance to choose his own destiny, but others would say that's a load of bull.
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