Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cheney, Victim Have Heart to Heart

This from an AFP story running now on Breitbart:
The birdshot "basically has lodged in a certain area causing inflammatory changes. When that occurs it causes irritability," David Blanchard, emergency room chief at the hospital, told a new [sic.] conference.
The veil of euphemism is fairly opaque here, so allow me to translate. What the doctor refers to as "a certain area" is in fact the heart. Not bad damage for some harmless little birdshot that we're all making such a silly fuss over. The "inflammatory changes" and "irritability" referenced by the doctor are more commonly known as a minor heart attack.

Surprisingly enough, the Vice President's dramatic reenactment of "The Most Dangerous Game" has actually formed a bond of intimacy between Cheney and his victim, Texas lawyer Harry Whittington. Cheney, the quintessential well-to-do Vietnam draft dodger, has no idea what it's like to get shot, but he certainly knows all too well what it's like to have a heart attack. In fact, if I were Dick's doctor, I'd keep the angioplasty machine handy just in case it turns out that Mr. Whittington, Esq. has filed his last brief.

More incisive commentary here.

On a Related Note: If, in the unlikely event that the media pressure surrounding Quailgate results in Cheney's resignation (or arrest), he would not only be the second Vice President to shoot somebody (that we know of…), he'd also be the second veep to be destroyed by the "nattering nabobs of negativism." Either way, those nabobs will just keep nabob-bob-bobbing along.
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