Friday, February 10, 2006


Andrew Sullivan prints the following letter from a reader without comment:
I'm honestly starting to suspect that, before this is over, European nations are going to have exactly four choices in dealing with their entire Moslem populations — for elementary safety's sake:
(1) Capitulate totally to them and become a Moslem continent.
(2) Intern all of them.
(3) Deport all of them
(4) Throw all of them into the sea.

This sounds a bit shrill even to me — but what the hell else can you do with several tens of millions of potential Branch Davidians?
Let's be clear here: Andrew Sullivan sees no reason to condemn a reader who suggests the annihilation and/or rounding up into concentration camps of tens of millions of people. Haven't we been through this already, Europe?

By publishing this letter, he endorses the notion that all Muslims in Europe (and beyond) are potential terrorists and cannot be trusted. Truly one of the most disgusting things I've ever read from a mainstream journalistic figure.
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