Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Fraternity Hazing, GI Style

Totally reminds me of when I was rushing Delta Kappa and the guys stripped me naked, held me to the floor and beat me to within an inch of my life. Thank god for the Mad Dog or I really would've been in some pain. Sucks that they didn't let me in, though. They said I bled too much.

Seriously, though, if this doesn't make you absolutely furious, I don't know what will. It's not "hazing" or "emotional release" or "naked twister"—it's torture plain and simple. Don't forget that Donald Rumsfeld called the actions depicted in the first Abu Ghraib photos "fundamentally un-American." What does that make these? Inhuman is a good start.

Hush, Rush Limbaugh, before you can say a word. It doesn't matter that the insurgents are blowing people up and chopping journalists' heads off. Not in this case. The way our military behaves should be dictated by our values, not the abysmal behavior of others. We win by being better than the terrorists, not by sinking to their disgusting level. And don't console yourself with the thought that we're using 'unorthodox' methods to get good information. We're not. The military itself admits that 70-90% of the people imprisoned by U.S. soldiers in Iraq were "arrested by mistake." There's not even the satisfaction of seeing bad people get what's coming to them. There's nothing good about this at all.

Either George Bush and Dick Cheney get off their asses and do something about this once and for all, top-down, or their entire mission in the Middle East will be laid bare for all to see what it really must be: a filthy, grotesque lie.
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