Thursday, February 09, 2006

Global Warming Does Not Exist...

The Bush administration is icy cold to the idea of global warming. Screw the Kyoto Protocols, there's no incontrovertible scientific evidence, yada yada yada. That has not, however, stopped the U.S. from entering into a territorial dispute with Canada over the Northwest Passage.

Stephen Harper, the new Canadian prime minister, thinks the Northwest Passage belongs to Canada because the islands that surround it do. The U.S. says it's an international waterway. The problem with the Northwest Passage has been that it's usually not navigable because of thick Arctic ice. Thanks to global warming, however, all that pesky ice is getting cleared away and the Northwest Passage stands to be a highly important shipping path between the Atlantic and the Pacific in years to come.

A logical question comes to mind at this point: Why, if global warming doesn't exist, would the Bush administration be squabbling over this? It shouldn't matter, right? It looks suspiciously like the U.S. government is preparing for global warming for commercial reasons while denying its existence—again for commercial reasons. Sneaky, sneaky.

In other news, the Winter Olympics begin tomorrow in Turin, Italy, and there's no freaking snow! Good luck with that grand slalom.
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