Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Katrina's Welfare Queens

A House report detailing the failings of government, at all levels (as I so wisely said back before it was cool), was released yesterday. From the AP write-up:
"The preparation for and response to Hurricane Katrina should disturb all Americans," said the report, written by a Republican-dominated special House committee chaired by Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va. "Passivity did the most damage," it said. "The failure of initiative cost lives, prolonged suffering, and left all Americans justifiably concerned our government is no better prepared to protect its people than it was before 9/11, even if we are."
Let's see how they lead this story over at the Fox News Channel:
Some [government-issued relief debit] cards were used for purposes that are inconsistent with the intent of disaster relief programs. For example, debit cards were used for adult entertainment, tattoos, bail bond services and to pay for prior traffic violations.
Ah, the nostalgia! Remember the Cadillac-driving, vodka-swilling welfare queens of Ronald Reagan's day? Well, they're back, and they're stealing your money. Never mind the unbelievably massive waste and fiscal incompetence in the federal government, because a few idiots are getting tattoos that say "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People" on the government's dime. Horror.

In other FoxNews™, Harry Whittington and a covey of quails are being brought up on federal charges of interfering with the Vice President in the course of his official duties. Whittington faces additional charges of concealing government property in his face, neck and chest.
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