Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Madness of King George

I'll link to the New Yorker article on prisoner abuse again, because this is required reading.

Jane Meyer's article is shocking, depressing and inspiring—all at the same time. She chronicles the fight of one honest man—Alberto J. Mora, the outgoing general counsel of the United States Navy—against the intransigence of the Bush-Cheney cabal and their unquenchable desire to obviate whatever laws or moral strictures that stood in the way of legalized torture of terror detainees.

One name that comes up again and again in Meyer's article is Dick Cheney, who has been diligently expanding the power of the executive branch since his days in the Reagan cabinet when he argued that prohibiting the arming of Contras without Congressional authority was an unconstitutional check on the president's prerogatives. What the administration is asking for is the unaccountability that comes with royalty. It's never been entirely clear whether Bush or Cheney is the king, although Meyer makes the case for the latter.

The good news is that Mora seems to been an entirely unimpeachable character. Let's see how the administration tries to smear him. You know they will.
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