Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sullivan Talks Turkey

More asinine commentary from Andrew Sullivan on the cartoon controversy today. This from a post called "Stoning Journalists":
Hey: she was a woman without a veil. What else is a good Muslim supposed to do? And this is in Turkey: you know, the place where moderate Islam has made peace with secularism.
Actually, it's the entire post. Why explore, explain or extrapolate when you're talking about Muslims, right? They're all the same, after all.

Sullivan links to this article on Gateway Pundit about a Turkish reporter who was attacked at an anti-cartoons rally in Konya. Now, anyone who does their homework (and that is emphatically not Andrew Sullivan when it comes to Islam) will know that Konya, as the country's religious mecca (if you will), is probably Turkey's most religiously conservative city.

This doesn't excuse fanatics from attacking a woman who is not wearing the hijab. The incident, however, cannot, in good faith, be used as an exemplar of Turkey and its identity as a Muslim nation. That is just what Andrew Sullivan has done.

Thought experiment: Would Sullivan ever dream of using the Eric Rudolph abortion clinic bombing, for example, to extrapolate the attitudes and beliefs of all American Christians? Of course not. But when it comes to Islam, Sullivan is so blinded by ignorance and an almost pathological intolerance that he is able to make the most offensive generalizations without a second thought. A couple guys throwing stones in a provincial Turkish city does not encapsulate the entirety of a nation of over 80 million people. You would think Andrew Sullivan would know that.

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