Friday, March 03, 2006

The Buck Stops Where?

It's starting to look like Brownie may have been doing a heckuva job after all. New video obtained by the Associated Press proves that Mike Brown of FEMA basically predicted the entire Hurricane Katrina disaster scenario in advance and communicated grave warnings to President Bush and Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff in person.

Let's not say that Brown has gone to lily-white—this still doesn't explain all those emails about Nordstrom and Baton Rouge eateries while Gulf Coast residents were drowning—but it would be safe to say that the media (including this humble corner of the "sub-alternative" media) piled on poor Brownie a bit.

What's worse, President Bush and his lackey Chertoff allowed Brown to take the fall when it looks more and more like the massive failures started at the top, dooming the FEMA effort from the get-go. Sadly, this is nothing new for Bush, whose philosophy seems to be one of cognative dissonance: blissful confidence juxtaposed with buck-passing and never, ever admitting a mistake.

Scooter Libby has taken the fall for the Plame leak while Bush, Cheney and Rove watch from the sidelines. Low-level soldiers face courts martial for abuses at Abu Ghraib while the architects of our grizzly policies are untouchable at the top. Heck, they even tried to blame poor Harry Whittington for standing in the vice presidential firing line before they realized that quail wouldn't fly.

Bush may be a wannabe Truman, but at least Harry knew where the buck stopped.

Update: Now it looks like Chertoff may be the next to go. Anything to protect the king.
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