Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Charles Taylor Captured

After escaping custody in Nigeria, former Liberian president Charles Taylor was captured last night as he attempted to Cross into Cameroon. He has been returned to Liberia where he will await his date with a UN-backed war crimes tribunal in Sierra Leone.

Here's what Taylor is charged with:
war crimes (murder, taking hostages); crimes against humanity (extermination, rape, murder, sexual slavery); and other serious violations of international humanitarian law (use of child soldiers) in Sierra Leone.
According to Peter Takirambudde, executive director of the Africa division of Human Rights Watch, "Charles Taylor is one of the single greatest causes of spreading wars in West Africa."

As usual, a bad day for former dictators turns out to be a good day for the rest of us. Taylor will finally get his day in court, likely followed by a lifetime behind bars, right where he belongs.
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