Friday, March 24, 2006

Faith-Based Diplomacy

There's an interesting little tidbit from Condoleezza Rice buried in an AFP story about Abdul Rahman. The report mentions that the Secretary of State phoned Afghan president Hamid Karzai yesterday to voice Washington's concerns about the man being threatened with execution for converting to Islam. Apparently, during the conversation, Rice said this:
There is no more fundamental issue for the United States than freedom of religion and religious conscience.
While freedom of religion is certainly vital to a truly open society, is it more fundamental than democracy or respect for human life? What an odd thing to say.

It's doubly confusing considering the fact that Bush and his "conservative" buddies are doing everything they can to make sure that his personal religious beliefs dictate the way we give provide AIDS relief to Africa, the way we conduct scientific research, the way charities in operate in the United States, what kids can and can't study in school, whose love is worth celebrating, how much control we can have over the heath care of loved ones, ad infinitum.

Sounds more like the freedom of one religion to me.
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