Friday, March 17, 2006

Fear Factor

Last night our dear and fearless leader proved that he is, well, fearless. During a pep talk/cheerleading session with GOP fat-cat donors, President Bush said, "we don't fear the future. We welcome it." He went on to add, "we can be like they are. Come on, baby. Don't fear the future. Baby take my hand."

Why would Bush fear the future? He doesn't worry about the past or the present either. President Bush just pushes onward with eerie confidence, seemingly oblivious to the massive debts he's racking up or the degree to which he is disliked by the majority of the American people.

Good news for Bush: it seems to be working. Republican donors gave $8 million to the GOP at the event last night (or eight nine-millionths of the new national debt ceiling). And one of Bush's talking points last night? More tax cuts! Oy.

Favorite line from last night's speech:
I can stand up here and tell you that we have delivered results for the American people, and we've got an agenda to continue to do so.
"It would be a bald-faced lie," Bush continued, "but I can stand up here and say it. Don't fear the future! Who needs a little more cowbell?"
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