Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jill Carroll Released

Great news today with the release of journalist Jill Carroll in Iraq. I guess if you're going to get abducted, better to have it be done by these guys, who apparently did not abuse her, than the people who took Nick Berg or Daniel Pearl.

It's instructive to remember that Carroll went over to Iraq as a freelancer because of the terrible journalism job market here in the States. (The Washington Post just announced 80 layoffs in its newsroom, the latest in a long line of carnage that stretches back to 2000.)

Carroll's horrible ordeal pretty much guarantees her a job or a book deal (if she still wants to work in journalism), but that's a hell of a way to make it in the business. To bad so many people have to take Jill's path since the idle scions of the super-rich are increasingly taking the newsroom jobs that daddy got them. Alas.
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