Friday, March 10, 2006

No Port in a Storm

Thanks to knee-jerk bigotry, naive nativism and crass political opportunism, the Dubai port deal is dead. There's no reason to believe that we'll be any safer for it, but the xenophobes have spoken. Maybe now Haliburton can come in and grab the ports contract. Everybody would love that! Hmmm. Maybe that was the plan all along...

So, it's been established that Dubai is too much of a terrorist-Arab-bogeyman threat to do business in America. Meanwhile, the United States is setting up an "Iran office" in Dubai as part of a new State Department plan to "encourage" policy change in Iran.
Several new positions are being created worldwide for the new Iran office. In addition to beefing up Washington-based staff working on Iran, a regional center will be built in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to focus on neighboring Iran with four new foreign service posts and four local employees to do outreach.
The fact that Dubai is allowing this looks suspiciously like the action of an ally in the War on Terror and a country interested in having a moderating effect on the region. That can't be true, of course. The voice of bipartisanship has spoken. Funny, it sounds just like Archie Bunker.
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