Friday, March 03, 2006

Point, Click, Get Suspended

The Associated Press has a very strange story about California middle school students who got in trouble for surfing the Internet.

It will come as little surprise that the story involves, scourge of parents and teachers everywhere. One of the students faces expulsion for "allegedly posting graphic threats against a classmate." Fair enough, seeing as how the post expressed a wish to "take a shotgun and blast her in the head over a thousand times."

What's weird is the other students who, according to the AP, "were suspended for viewing the posting." Since when is it a crime to look at a website (other than child porn, that is)? And how would people necessarily know what they would find by following a link? The most disturbing aspect of this is, how did the school know what its students were up to on their home computers after school?

Either there's something fishy going on, or the school's statement is incomplete. Did the kids reply approvingly to the original post? If not, what's the big deal? The other day I visited the neo-fascist BNP website while researching an article I was writing about the cartoon controversy. That doesn't mean I approve of the group. Hell, I go on Drudge Report all the time. I never figured the thought police would be watching.
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