Friday, March 31, 2006

Shutterbug Canned for Scalia Snap

So, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia makes a obscene hand gesture in church and tells his critics they can f**k off, and the guy who took the photograph gets canned!

Freelance photographer Peter Smith, who was working for the Boston Archdiocese magazine, was fired by the Catholic organization after his photo of Scalia making a rude Italian hand gesture (click above to see the exclusive image) was published in the Boston Globe. The church magazine got first crack at the shot, but they declined on "journalistic grounds" since there's just nothing newsworthy about a prominent Catholic Supreme Court justice cursing his critics and making obscene gestures in the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

If freedom of speech applies to the people who make the laws, shouldn't it apply to the rest of us? Just wondering.

P.S. Award for best headline on this story goes to UPI: Photo fuels flap over Scalia's flip. Nice work, Moonies!
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