Thursday, March 23, 2006

Who Would Jesus Waterboard?

Just to show that I'm not totally against Andrew Sullivan, he's always been totally on the mark in his opposition to torture. Yesterday, he highlighted a depressing poll that shows widespread support for torture from the American public—especially from Christians. One would think, particularly in light of The Passion of the Christ, that Christians would disapprove of torture. Alas.

Today, Sullivan posted his response to an email that suggests that Christians have a long history of doing horrible, evil things in the pursuit of their faith. Here's Sullivan's rejoinder: "All I can say is that faith founded genuinely on Jesus could not begin to endorse such a concept..." He goes on to claim "Christianity will survive Christianism."

Quite right. All I would ask is this: Is it too much to ask him to cast the same discerning eye on Islam that he does on his own religion?
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