Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Into the (Long) Home Stretch

Goodish news for those of you looking forward to the end of George W. Bush's presidency: there are fewer than 1000 days left! As of today, Bush has 999 days remaining in office. That may be an eternity to some, but the psychological effect of breaking the 4-digit barrier is bound to take the edge off.

Here's a nifty counter that shows exactly how much time is left:

You can get one for yourself at Inexplicably, this clock is set to Atlantic Daylight Time (one hour ahead of Eastern), which serves the fine people of Halifax, Nova Scotia and environs, but no one at all in the realm of King George II itself.

I'm certainly looking forward to Bush's retirement, but I can't say I'm too hopeful for the future. If there's one thing politics teaches us in this country, it's that it could always be worse. President Santorum, anyone?
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