Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's a Go for Snow

It's official, FOX News pundit Tony Snow will replace Scott McClellan as the White House press secretary. Snow will take a pay cut to take on the always grueling and usually thankless job as mouthpiece for the president. So, why did he take it? Why give up the plush FOX gig and the regular spot as fill-in for Rush Limbaugh to get pummeled by the press for a living as a shill for a president whose popularity is in the toilet?

According to the Washington Post, Snow decided to take the position "after top officials assured him that he would be not just a spokesman but an active participant in administration policy debates." Goody. Let's keep in mind that Snow has only ever criticized Bush for not being conservative enough. Now he'll get to apply his far-right FOX News and Washington Times editorial page views to national policy.

Then there's the obvious reason the White House picked Snow. Of course, he has bona fides as a 'journalist' and as a former speechwriter for King George I, but I'm willing to bet that the White House is banking on the palliative effect his recognizable face and polished persona will have, not on journalists, but on the FOX-watching public.

For his part, Snow aims to smooth relations between the White House and the press corps since he knows how things work from both sides of the lectern. Don't expect that to go over too well, though. In a December 2000 column in the Washington Times, he referred to "Democrats and journalists (but I repeat myself)," meaning, apparently, that he and his colleagues over at FOX News and the Washington Times aren't journalists themselves. And Snow's hiring shows that they aren't; they're just a farm team for the White House (one that doubles as a cheerleading squad...but I repeat myself).

For a very funny post on McClellan's retirement, check out Scott McClellan Denies Resigning After Announcing Resignation over at CJSD. Brando also has a good post about Bush's plan on illegal immigration. It involves giant, man-eating eagles.
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