Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Keeping Up With Cletus and Brandine

Sean Preston Federline SpearsTM has a cracked skull. The world's most perfect white trash baby is in jeopardy.

Apparently, the Beverly hillbilly baby took a tumble from his high chair. After six days, it occurred to Cletus and Brandine to take their son to the hospital. After Sean's head injury was discovered, the slack-jawed yokels were questioned by representatives of the Los Angeles child welfare department who could go so far as to take the baby away from them.

Unfortunately, the officials aren't able to question the six-month-old Sean Preston, since it's pretty obvious that he sustained his head injury on purpose in a desperate attempt to be more like mom and dad.

Just dear god please don't let him die! The last thing the world needs is a Britney-Kevin duet version of "Tears in Heaven".
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