Thursday, April 13, 2006

Milking the Cartoon Crisis

Another very interesting post for the ninth installment of Random Platitude's look at the Muhammad cartoon crisis. This Danish historian and lecturer offers a unique view of the internal complexities of the cartoon crisis, considering both its origins and its effects.

Part nine provides a neat list of all the people who stood to gain from fanning the flames of controversy. In addition to the obvious Muslim firebrands who orchestrated riots and destruction in the Middle East and elsewhere, the list includes the Danish Prime Minister and several Danish politicians from multiple parties, conservative and reactionary anti-Muslim voices in the U.S. and elsewhere, and Kåre Bluitgen, the man who started it all and has seen his "fairly inconsequential book" on Muhammad go into its fourth printing in a matter of months as a result.

RP spends most of his time talking about voices in the Danish media who used the crisis for professional gain. He focuses on Lasse Ellegaard, a veteran war correspondent with a flair for the dramatic. According to RP, Ellegaard has parlayed the crisis into several prominent speaking and writing gigs, primarily by exaggerating the threats faced by Danes abroad. Click the link above to read more.
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