Wednesday, April 26, 2006

One for the Dogs

Congratulations are in order for Hannah, voted the "Most Beautiful Bulldog" at the 27th annual "Beautiful Bulldog" contest in Des Moines, Iowa on Monday.

The two-year-old will serve as the official mascot of Drake University for a year and will also be the loveable face of the Drake Relays, "one of the nation's oldest and most prestigious track and field meets."

According to the director of the contest, Dolph Pulliam, "We're looking for the ugliest bulldog you can get your hands on. We're the looking for the bulldog that has that face, that drool, that personality that can charm you." In true form, the winner's crown initially wouldn't fit because of all the wrinkles on her head.

Up next for Pulliam, a Most Honest Politician contest (we hope). They wouldn't even have to change the rules—or the search criteria.
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