Friday, April 14, 2006

PTC Pans Pope Program

The Parents Television Council has sunk to a new low, taking it upon themselves to protect American children from, get this, German television. Das stimmt!

L. Brent Bozell III, right-wing hack and odious founder of the media watchdog PTC, released a statement yesterday condemning MTV for blasphemy. All this because German MTV plans to run a cartoon program called Popetown that "mocks Christianity and Jesus' crucifixion." And on Easter weekend. For shame!

It's weird, but I seem to remember another recent news story having to do with blasphemous cartoons. That time, their publication was widely hailed as a salvo for righteousness in the Clash of CivilizationsTM. Now that the sandal's on the other foot, it doesn't look so freakin awesome anymore, does it?

The Popetown cartoon's major sin seems to be that it portrays the Pope in a less than positive light. I know. Stop the presses. Apparently he likes animals in a rather un-Franciscan way and he rides around on a pogo stick. (On a tangentially related note, Rudimentary Peni have a very silly song called "Pogo Pope" that you ought to listen to at least once before you die.) The German ad campaign features Jesus climbing down from the cross to enjoy a little bit of TV (some of Mel Gibson's work, perhaps?) which he says is better than "hanging around" (get it?).

Clearly this is not the same thing as portraying the founder of your religion as a suicide bomber. It's worse. Or so says L. Brent Bozell III.
This is yet another example of how some in Hollywood are spitting on religious figures and showing their contempt for people of faith. The cartoons about Mohammed may have been in bad taste but they were political satire. This is worse. This is ridicule for the sake of ridicule. And not coincidentally they’re doing this during Easter week, the holiest week in the Christian year.
Apparently there are those who agree with Bozell's unhinged logic. In the UK, the BBC decided the program was too controversial to run after receiving protests. (How could anyone be so uncivilized to protest a little harmless blasphemy—in cartoon form, no less?) Of course, one could note that the Vatican is a political entity so lampooning it is in fact political satire, but let's not get technical.

Bozell went on to fret over America's image abroad.
When foreigners see shows like this, they are getting the worst of the very worst of American culture. No wonder so many hold us in contempt.
First of all, Popetown is a British show, not an American one. Secondly, is Bozell out of his tiny little mind? The rest of the world loves our television shows. Dallas was on in just about every country in the world. It was a huge hit in Uzbekistan, fer chrissakes. The world loves the American entertainment juggernaut. What they tend not to like about America is foreign aggression, economic bullying, environmental malfaesance, torture, fat people and presidents who are no smarter than L. Brent Bozell III.

Make sure to tune in to Fox, cuz the war on Easter is ON! And now you know what DVD to get me for Xmas.
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