Friday, April 28, 2006

PTC Plaudits for Pious Pap

On their website, the Parents Television Council claims to be a "nonpartisan" media watchdog group interested only in protecting the fragile minds of our nation's children from sex and violence.

Back in the infancy of this blog, I argued that they're nothing of the sort. Founded by rabid right-wing hero L. Brent Bozell III and staffed by an assortment of conservative figures, the PTC has a long history of defining nonpartisanship to the right.

I looked in my email inbox this morning and found yet another example of this. (Under the rubric of "keep your friends close and your enemies closer", I subscribe to the PTC's email service so I can see what their crafty little minds are up to.) This week, the PTC has bestowed it's "Seal of Approval" upon a "family friendly TV service" called Sky Angel.

I surfed over to Sky Angel's website and was frankly unsurprised to find that the satellite network's slogan is, "Delivering the Best in Christian and Family Entertainment". A few nuggets from their site:
Looking for a Christ-centered & family-friendly choice for your family's TV viewing? You've come to the right place!... [Your subscription will help build the] world's only Christian-owned and
-operated direct-to-home multi-channel television service to ensure that there will always be a secure electronic outlet for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and programs promoting biblical values.
And here I was worrying that the electronic outlet for the Gospel of JC was not secure. Now, I'm not opposed to the existence of Christian broadcasting or anything stupid like that. However, I do find it curious that a family-friendly, "nonpartisan" media watchdog group would continually endorse channels and networks that define a "family" as necessarily a Christian family. What about the Jews, Muslims, Satanists and atheists among us? Shouldn't our children be protected as well?

Well, if Sky Angel is the cure, I think I'd rather stick with the disease. Their channel lineup includes the full compliment of Hallmark channels, a crapload of Christian channels, but only one news channel. Can you guess which one? That's right, FOX News. Nothing like a car chase ending in a fatal shooting (to cherry pick from yesterday's coverage) to promote good Christian values. And nonpartisan ones at that.
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