Monday, May 15, 2006

BBC Sets the Standard

A shining golden moment for the BBC last week as they conducted an interview with blogger and Internet expert Guy Kewney about the recent High Court decision in the Apple Records/iPod suit. The only problem? It wasn't Guy Kewney they interviewed. Thanks to an as-yet unexplained mix-up, the BBC put a French cab driver on camera instead.

Full marks to the cabbie who, after overcoming his initial shock at the situation, actually went on to do the interview on a subject he knew little if anything about.

You can read the real Guy's account on his website. His summation is informative, but he's a little too insistent on the fact that he is not a black Frenchman. Strangely enough for a Brit, he seems more upset that people might think he's black than that he's French. It takes all kinds.

Update: Media Orchard has the video. Plus, the "real" Guy updates to say that the other guy is also a "Guy", but not a cabbie. Total pandemonium.
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