Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Boycott M:I:3

Andrew Sullivan leads the charge against Tom Cruise's new movie in retaliation for the Scientologist's role in getting Viacom to censor South Park.

Heck, why stop there? This is far from the first nefarious plot Tom Cruise has had a meticulously manicured hand in.
  • He sullied the name of a perfectly good Dawson's Creek star, who now answers to "Kate", no doubt because there's only room for one "I" in that family
  • He pissed off Brooke Shields—not to mention just about every other woman who has had or will have a child—by talking smack about post-partum depression, a condition he is unlikely to ever suffer from himself
  • He has no sense of humor
  • He's responsible for littering the world with yet another juicy but depressing tell-all book written by the trophy child/ex-cult member of a megalomaniacal celebrity (expected 2026)
  • Vanilla Sky
So do your part. Boycott Mission: Impossible III. Stop this monster before another couch is ruined!
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