Friday, May 05, 2006

Bush's Slippery Slope

A new AP-Ipsos poll has been released that shows President Bush's approval ratings have slipped even further, to 33%—the lowest in his presidency. "In the past six decades, only one president had a lower job approval rating six months before a midterm election—Richard Nixon in May 1974..." We all know what he was up to.

In such a polarized political climate, it's no surprise that large numbers of people vehemently disapprove of Bush. This poll is notable because it shows that the president's support on the right is quickly eroding as well. 45% of conservatives now disapprove of Bush.

Overall, Congress gets an approval rating of 25%, with 65% of conservatives giving the Republican-majority Congress low marks. Here's a statistic that is certain to have Republican strategists shaking in their cowboy boots:
A majority of Americans say they want Democrats rather than Republicans to control Congress (51 percent to 34 percent). That's the largest gap recorded by AP-Ipsos since Bush took office. Even 31 percent of conservatives want Republicans out of power. (my italics)
What's worse, 75% of those polled said the country is heading in the wrong direction, including 60% of conservatives.

The GOP has six months to turn everything around lest they lose control of Congress in November. With the Democrats poised for their own revolution, a word of caution: be careful what you wish for. It's one thing to point out how the other guy's screwing everything up. It's quite another to try to come in and turn everything around. Jusk ask Newt.
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