Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Deliver Us From Jeb

According to an AFP article today, George W. Bush is bullish on his brother's chances to become the next president of the United States. Bush said his brother, Jeb, is an "'excellent' leader who would make a 'great president' of the United States."

God help us all! Is two members of the Bush family with only a "Herbert" to distinguish them not enough? Come 2008, a Bush family member will have been in office for 12 of the last 20 years. Jeb for President makes perfect sense, however, when seen in light of his brother's amazing attack on transparency and democracy in America. Why not have a ruling family? After all, we're already halfway there.

Just to show I'm not mired in partisanship, allow me to direct your attention to an article I wrote back in October of last year in which I argued against a Hillary Clinton presidential run for much the same reasons.

Is our democracy really so fragile and is the pool of qualified candidates really so shallow that these are the only options we have? This is a great nation with a tremendous wealth of brilliant people. Are Hillary and Jeb the best we can do? I say no to Jeb, no to Hillary and a resounding no to the oligarchy of a few rich families. Let's give someone good a chance for once.

Update: George H.W. Bush, the original kingmaker, is all for a president Jeb, too. Presenting the House of Bush.
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