Friday, May 19, 2006

Drudge Ado About Nothing

Matt Drudge is giving a lot of play to the non-story of how students at Beverly Hills High are getting to see Al Gore's new global warming movie. For free!! (What a travesty!) I suppose he'd be all bent out of shape if they got a free screening of Gandhi, too?

Drudge's own a-scientific bias on the subject is all over this story. In his headline he puts "global warming" in scare quotes just in case you might be laboring under the mistaken notion that it's something other than a fraudulent scare tactic dreamed up by the DNC. He also uses the tried and true "FOX News SpecialTM" to smear a science teacher named Sarah Utley (whose photo and bio he links to in case you want to send her Neanderthal hate mail). "Insiders claim that Utley has annoyed some students with her instance [sic] that 'global warming' is a proven science."

Gosh, Matt, who are these "insiders"? You have special sources at Beverly Hills High, or is it the same dork who probably sent you the email announcement in the first place?

Drudge also tries to have his pseudo-science cake and eat it, too, when he complains that "students will be boarding 30 gas-guzzling buses" to go see the film. If he doesn't believe in global warming and in humankind's influence on the global climate, then what is he doing complaining about gas-guzzling busses? All the better and who gives a damn, right? If he's trying to point out some supposed hypocrisy, it's quite obvious that 30 busses would do less environmental harm than the 1,500 cars it would take to get people there individually.

But hey, what are facts to a man like Drudge? He would bend over backwards to "prove" today's not Friday if he thought it might help his right-wing friends.
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