Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Drudge the Bogeyman

Not to say that Matt Drudge is a fear monger, but pictured at right are a couple of stories featured prominently on his website today.

The first relates to an ABC sweeps vehicle that imagines worldwide devastation at the hands of bird flu. I know it's not a giant hurricane, but it still get's Matt's juices flowing. I'm sure he's already prepping the outbreak maps in the event of a real catastophe.

The second story has a great headline ("Flying robot attack 'unstoppable'") so I can't really blame Drudge for running it. It's a nice story in the post-9/11, "you will never be safe again" vein about how terrorists will soon be able to rain death down upon us thanks to remote control aircraft with the accuracy of cruise missiles.

I had a more visceral reaction to the second story because I spent the better part of my childhood getting over my fear of flying robot attacks. Alas, the vigilant soul never sleeps.
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