Monday, May 15, 2006

Laura Bush Takes a Break From Reality

Sinking poll numbers? Abysmal approval ratings—even among members of your own party? No matter, says Laura Bush. If I close my eyes and pray real, real hard, all this nastiness is bound to go away.

Yes, the First Lady is taking the tried and true ostrich approach to terrible public opinion numbers.
I don't really believe those polls. I travel around the country. I see people [who are hand picked by burly security guards for the singular privilege of being allowed within shouting distance of me], I see their [sycophantic] responses to my husband. I see their [fawning] response to me.... As I travel around the United States [in my hermetically sealed bubble of denial and wishful thinking], I see a lot of [pre-packaged] appreciation for him [and his cowboy boots]. A lot of people come up to me and say, "Stay the course".
Perhaps the fact that people invariably say that when she's on the road headed out of town should clue her in. Thankfully for Mrs. Bush, she doesn't have to believe the blindingly obvious. One of the greatest appurtenances of this nation's highest office is that you are no longer obliged to live in the world of reality. Lucky for her. Not so much for the rest of us.
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